A Lazy Day in Carolina

It’s my second evening in South Carolina! Things are going very well thus far on my little vacation. Last time I visited, I had to stay in a hotel, but since then Will has moved into his own house (with two lovely roommates) and so I get to stay with him this time around. The house is on the Navy base and looks the same as every house around it. It reminds me of my Idaho days when I lived in a house in a similarly duplicate set up.

When I finally flew in yesterday morning, I was greeted at the airport by Will and one of his roommates whom I’d met on my previous trip. We loaded in my luggage and then headed off to a little chain restaurant that I was unfamiliar with as a Westerner called Waffle House. We all had a little breakfast/lunch and then continued on back to Will’s house. After getting settled in, Will and I finally got a little private time and I got a nap in (I’d been awake since the previous morning since I’d been unable to sleep on my overnight flight.)

Later, when his roommates got home, we all had some dinner and watched some television, had some drinks, and finally it was off to bed with us. This morning was a luxurious one–it’s been a long time since I’ve got to really sleep in, and the best part was I got to have Will by my side for every second of it! We stayed in bed for the duration of the morning, up until Will had to head out for work, at least. While all the boys were at work, I decided to order in some Chinese food, something you can’t do where I’m from, so I went ahead and ordered some things from a close-by place for delivery. To my surprise, when it finally showed up and I opened the bag, the portions they gave me were¬†huge! Enough to feed four people, probably. So there I was, sitting at the dining room table, all by myself, with a colossal Chinese smorgasbord in front of me.

I took another nap earlier, was almost ruthlessly attacked by a bug in my bed, and here I am now, awaiting Will’s return from work. We have tentative plans to go out for a nice dinner tonight. I’m very excited because everyone has been saying the seafood here is fantastic–let’s see if they can compare with the seafood we serve on the Sound!

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